Congress Passes Spending Bill for 2015

The United States Congress has passed a spending bill of $1.1 trillion for its 2015 fiscal year capping difficult week of acrimonious wrangling but averting a shutdown of the government and sending the new measure for the President to sign.

The bill narrowly passed in the House this past Thursday and survived a number of hurdles in the Senate on a 56 to 40 vote during a rare session on the weekend. The bill funds close to all agencies of the federal government through the end of September of 2015.

However, the funding for the Department of Homeland Security is good only through February, which will set up a showdown over the controversial immigration plan by President Obama early in the New Year when the new Congress will be fully controlled by the Republicans.

The Republicans will likely take a shot at rolling back Obama’s executive order that shields millions of undocumented immigrants from being deported.

Despite the dramatic bickering that sometimes went on between and at times within the two political parties during the special session, the measure needed bipartisanship to be passed in the chamber led by the Democrats.

Harry Reid the current Majority Leader of the Senate said the new legislation was imperfect by a compromise that was necessary.

He added that since 2011, the U.S. Congress has moved from crisis to crisis with the U.S. always under a constant threat of a financial catastrophe or a government shutdown. It is not a good habit said Reid and the people in the country are tired of it.

Of the 40 votes against the measure in the Senate, 22 were from Democrats many of who were furious that the negotiators had inserted policy riders that were deeply controversial into the measure, including one rolling back the key financial regulation on banks.

The White House indicated the bill would be signed by Obama.

The battle over this was bruising and included a revolt by Democrats in the House that came close to sinking the measure earlier in the week and carried on in the Senate with a number of delay tactics.


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  1. Dave Francis says:


    It is a treasonous act by the King of the United States to ignore the edicts of the Constitution and those who have played along as groveling surfs will be remembered in the 2016 election. Twenty-four of 42 GOP senators, including all the GOP leaders, backed the $1.1 trillion 2015 budget that funds this majestic illegal amnesty. The people have to launch a campaign to blast the new Congress, letting them know that We the People DEMAND they change the statute Obama’s imperial executive order for amnesty is furnished on?


    In 2016 the People must hold the Republics accountable and not hold back for minute after House Speaker John Boehner PROMISED to stop with whatever the law accords, to find any method—to defund as the illegal alien amnesty, through the power of the purse or locate any loophole. I will be watching, millions of Tea Party members and those who are indebted to our sovereignty, the rule of law and our constitution for keeping us safe. Both sides are a bunch of , winy, corrupt crooks—showing rushing home for Xmas, was more important than the integrity of the office. Instead we have a copious bill of crammed pork full of favoritism to their wealthy patrons. An unread tome of 1600 pages of alleviating banking provisions and Obamas move to open the borders a little bit more and a even more taxes on hard working Americans.

    Some Americans will be distracted, but not ME. I will be buzzing the Internet and with every chance I get will remind every reader. THE PRESSURE ON CONGRESS WILL NEVER STOP.

    Obama’s executive order is NOT based on the Constitution. Therefore, all the new Congress has to do is go in and change the statute it is based on. Disregard pulling the funding.


    Tell every Senator and Congressman that you have been betrayed. That ALL people need to keep bombarding Washington at contact phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses of Members of Congress at: or The TEA PARTY members are urged to pick-up the phone. US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121; (the toll free number is 1- 866-220-0044) and join other conservatives who are committed to jam the phone lines on Capitol Hill (also melt the phone lines in the Senate) with this simple message: Seeing you funded amnesty, you own it now and the misery you have brought upon you as a taxpayer? Now you have sold out to this President and we will be ready with our votes to remove all corrupt politicians from office in 2016 who voted for his anti-middle class agenda.

    The Senate’s 56-to-40 vote came as outgoing Democratic Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid used the broad GOP opposition to the Obama’s amnesty to split the GOP into two factions. This sarcastic old man who engineered most of Obama’s imperial policies, should be held responsible for costing Americans the $2 trillion dollars for processing and settlement of 5 million illegal aliens.

    That divide came late Saturday, when Republicans finally had a chance to vote for or against Obama’s amnesty.

    The vote was engineered by Sen. Ted Cruz, who filed a “Point of Order” claim that required the senators to say if they thought the budget bill was constitutional despite not defunding Obama’s amnesty. Unless annulled by judges, the amnesty is expected to provide five million migrants with Social Security cards, work permits to let them add competition for legal jobs against Americans, to put many illegal aliens on a fast-track to citizenship, and to prevent the repatriation of nearly all 12 million migrants in the United States. Some of the consequences will be a surge in illegal immigration at the borders, because the Border Patrol cannot be everywhere with limited resources. The last barrier of being free and clear in the United States is the county sheriffs, who have limited personnel and resources.

    Obama’s unilateral executive action on immigration will make hundreds of thousands, perhaps more than a million, illegal aliens entitled to federal transfer payments. That will be done primarily through two widely used programs — the Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC, and the Additional Child Tax Credit, or ACTC.
    These two programs are already among the most corrupt and fraud-ridden in the entire federal government. A newly-released report from the inspector general of the Internal Revenue Service confirms. The false returns have gone from $4.7 BILLION to $6 BILLION, which Democrat Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada stopped further prosecutions by the US Treasury Department.
    Americans should challenge the new Congress and not forget what they have done to every family, every grandchild as the illegal alien invasion must be quashed? 92 million citizens and legal residents are jobless, but these arrogant politicians don’t care as most are out for themselves. Those that hit the road in 2016 will be gainfully employed by K Street and become lobbyists. Americans will never own their own country until we have ONLY public campaign money. Only the National Tea Party is there to protect us from foreign invaders and defenders from the same? The EITC is plagued by fraud, divulging for the first time that the ACTC is even worse.

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